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Easy-flow and extreme-flow grades

LANXESS has extended its EF (EasyFlow) product range with the particularly easy-flowing Pocan®/Durethan® XF (XtremeFlow) series. These products boast greatly improved flow compared to conventional standard products.

Comparison BKV 60 EF - XF
Advantages include:

  • Lower melt temperature and thereby reduced cooling and cycle times.
  • A significantly lower injection pressure that protects the mold and enables smaller injection molding machines to be used.
  • Reduced tendency to warp.
  • Ability to achieve thin-walled moldings (lightweight design) with good surfaces at higher filler contents.
  • Fewer gating points enable simplified mold design.

Choice of Durethan® EF and XF Grades
DP AKV 30 HR EFPA 66 GF30hydrolysis stabilizedFirst WIT coolant pipe 
BKV 30 H2.0 EFPA 6 GF30 Chassis for Vorwerk vacuum cleaner 
BKV 35 H2.0 EFPA 6 GF35   
BKV 50 H2.0 EFPA 6 GF50 Mirror baseplate 
BKV 60 H2.0 EF DUS060PA 6 GF60high stiffnessSpring holder for overhead cabinet doorsmore applications
BKV 60 XFPA 6 GF60xtreme-flow  
BM 29 X H2.0 EFPA 6 (GF+MD)30good surfaceEngine cover 
BM 40 X H2.0 EFPA 6 (GF+MD)40good surface  
BG 30 X H2.0 XFPA 6 (GF+GB)30xtreme-flow
reduced warpage
all easy flowing Durethan gradesall easy flowing Durethan grades
Choice of Pocan® EF and XF Grades
B 1205 XFPBT non-reinforced   
B 3215 XFPBT GF 10   
B 3225 XFPBT GF 20 Lamp socket components 
B 3235 XFPBT GF 30 Lamp socket components 
B 3233 HRPBT GF 30hydrolysis stabilizedAPB gear box housing 
B 5220 XFPBT GB 20reduced warpage  
T 3150 XF(PBT+PET) GF55   
all easy flowing Pocan grades


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