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Solder Paste


ALPHA Solder Paste

Alpha offers a full line of technologically advanced solder pastes developed to provide high throughput and yield, and lowest cost of ownership for a wide range of applications.  Our offering includes leading lead-free, no-clean, halogen-free solder paste technologies for applications such as fine feature printing, low temperature processing, and many others.  


 Alphas solder pastes are available in a wide range of alloy offerings, including low-Ag SACX Plus that offers excellent soldering performance at an alloy cost approximately 30% less than SAC305.  The SACX Plus alloy is also offered in Alpha solder bar, preforms, wire, and spheres for assured alloy compatibility and stronger solder joints.  Alphas solder pastes conform to our customers unique processes, as well as the challenging environmental regulations they are required to follow.  


Alpha solder pastes are used in the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for a wide variety of applications, including hand-held electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets, computer motherboards, consumer electronic products, network servers, automotive systems, medical and military equipment and many others 





Lead Free Solder Paste 

Alpha offers a variety of solder pastes for lead-free PCB assembly that offer high reliability and high throughput applications. 












Tin-Lead (Sn/Pb) 

To meet the demands of tin-lead soldering, Alpha offers several tin-lead solder pastes for excellent print volume repeatability. 


Halogen Free Products 

Using assembly materials products that have no halogens in their original formulation is the ideal way to eliminate the materials as possible halogen sources. 












OM340-SL SAC305
OL107F 63Sn/37Pb


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